What’s With Freight?

Do you have an online store or send your company many packages? Then you will feel safe again that this shipping can be a bit picky. What type of transportation should you choose for the lowest price? How do you pack to be safe? When is pallet a smarter choice than the package? Take advantage of these tips before booking any shipping:

Skim and weight – How do I calculate the price?

The cost of shipping can be calculated based on different parameters. Often, you pay according to what the goods weigh, and that model is easy to follow in freight companies’ price tables. But the weight does not always determine the full price. Some products take a lot of space but do not weigh so much, and then you pay instead of the bulk weight, a term that describes the volume that is taken up in the cargo area (although part of the goods is just air).

As a rule, shipping companies require the following information before you receive a quote on the price:

  • Weight on the goods
  • Volume of the goods: width x height
  • Pallet (a pallet that is not stackable)

The price often differs between different carriers, so it ‘s nice to compare different suppliers and look deeper at how they calculate the price. A provider may be cheap to one destination, but expensive to the other. Therefore, it may be smart to have more suppliers than one.

Which packaging should I choose?

To avoid damage to the goods, you ship it is important that you packed it sufficiently. Remember that there are some who will handle the products (and maybe not just the shipping company but also stores, delivery points and so forth).

This is a balance. On the one hand, you will pack the goods so that the product can handle a (relatively) old treatment, but at the same time, you pay for everything that is shipped. Too much packaging is therefore unnecessary regarding cost.

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